Episode #06: Chronosis and the Three Buddy Problem

The buddies are doing something a little different this episode. Having previously announced a three-episode deep-dive in Deleuze’s The Fold, they all had pretty rotten Aprils. Corey suggested we cover something a bit lighter in the meantime… Instead we read Chronosis.

Written by Reza Negarestani and Robin Mackay, with astounding artwork by Keith Tilford, Chronosis is the story of time itself and its encounters with various tribes and villains throughout the multiverse.

In this episode, the buddies try to unpack this comic adventure, figure out if Reza Negarestani really exists, and ponder the philosophical potential of modern mythologies.

Listen below or, alternatively, find us on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, Podbean and YouTube.

If you would like to read along with us, visit the Urbanomic website to pick up a copy of Chronosis for yourself, where you’ll also find links to various stockists.

The Buddies Without Organs podcast theme tune was written and recorded by George Rennie.

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