Episode #1: Megalithic Astropunk

Last year, Buddies Without Organs explored the works of Gilles Deleuze. Now, in association with Zer0 Books, we are turning towards the lesser-known works of Mark Fisher.

Fisher is a writer we all already love, and we felt he’d be great to read together. We’re starting as we intend to go on with a oft-neglected post from the Hyperstition blog about the 1970s children’s serial, Children of the Stones — a series that Fisher suggests is an example of an underrepresented British sci-fi genre: “megalithic astropunk”.

In a slight change to our hosting arrangements, the podcast will first be made available to Zer0 patreons, going live on their YouTube channel shortly afterwards, and finally appearing on our website a week after that.

From that point on, you can listen in all of the usual places, including Spotify, iTunes and Podbean. You’ll find the episode on YouTube here.

Below are a few links to things discussed in the episode, including the full series of Children of the Stones:

The K Files logo, theme tune and accompanying video introduction was created by Sereptie.


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